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Shane Smoleny

Shane Smoleny is a registered CPO and CTA.   He has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering.   Mr. Smoleny was a Physics/ Biomedical Science professor for twelve years.  He has been trading financial markets and commodities for over twenty years.  He co-authored the book "A Trader's Guide to Financial Astrology" along with Larry Pesavento.  

Mr. Smoleny developed the "Fed Juice" that tracks the Federal Reserve's daily activities and the impact on financial markets.  The "Fed Juice" touches every commodity market in some way.    On March 20, 2020,  Mr. Smoleny made a bold prediction that the stock markets and the economy would make a complete recovery right at the market lows of COVID.  This "Fed Juice" tracked the full market recovery through 2020 back to new highs.  

Mr. Smoleny is the President of Wolf Trader Futures.  Each month Wolf Trader Futures releases five financial newsletters covering the S&P, Metals, Energy, Currencies, and Cryptocurrencies.  The newsletters cover long-term cycles, medium-term cycles, and the daily Fed Juice.  In addition to the newsletter, Mr. Smoleny runs his Platinum daily swing trading service, covering over thirty five symbols ranging from ETFs to Futures.   The Polar R Squared trading system is now available for auto trading.  Please visit the auto trading page to set up.


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We Help you Make Sense of Financial Markets

Through The Fed Juice ®

What is Wolf Trader Futures:
Wolf Trader Futures is a market newsletter that gives a different perspective than you will see anywhere else online. All technical indicators and market analysis tools are written from scratch by us. It is challenging to get good results in markets if you do the same technical analysis that everyone else is doing. So, we build everything from the ground up to be original and our thoughts and actions to create better results. We specialize in mechanical trading systems that are fine-tuned and optimized using a proprietary software algorithm.  We believe it's essential to look at multiple market levels from Top-Down to establish a proper "Command and Control" from weekly down to the daily time frames. We look at the longer-term trends through Fed Juice. We look at the medium-term trends through the Double-Optimized Lunar Cycle. Finally, we look at the day-to-day movements through the Polar R-Squared High probability trader. The three of these systems allow us to establish a proper command and control over the markets to understand what is happening from top to bottom.

Command and Control:

Command and control is a 2023 summary of our most popular trading models.  The command and control starts at the top with the longest time frame of the Fed Juice .  Then it works clockwise around to the shortest time frame of the biorhythms.

Command and Control.JPG

The Fed Juice:

The Fed Juice ® is a long-term trading system that tracks the Federal Reserve's activities and direct influence on the market through the proprietary trading natural network.   The Fed Juice is a Neural Network Forecast Model that balances the Fed with the Markets. The Fed Juice ® gives you long-term trends based on the activity of the Federal Reserve and Central Banks.  This is absolutely critical to understanding where the equity markets are going.  It is a neural network that gets inputs daily from the Federal Reserve.  The Fed Juice ® allowed us to remain short in the S&P from December 2021 to October 2022.  It allowed us to see the shift in Fed activity in October 2022 and cover shorts.  This was one of the longest-duration short calls we have ever made.  It was only possible to understand the long-term trends of the S&P through the use of the Fed Juice ® and the longer-term Fed Internals.  The Fed Internals is also another neural network system that is a longer-term horizon, and it is calculated differently from the Fed Juice ®.   The Fed Juice ® is available in Copper, Silver, Gold, Natural Gas, Oil, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar,  British Pound, Euro, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, Bitcoin, Cardano, S&P 500, Gold Miners, Apple, Tesla, Broadcom, Caterpillar, Bank of America, VIXY Volatility, ARK K Innovation, SPDR Biotech.  The Fed Internals is only available for the S&P 500.  The Fed Juice ® and Fed Internals are updated and posted daily.