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Shane Smoleny

Shane Smoleny is a registered CPO and CTA.   He has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering.   Mr. Smoleny was a Physics/ Biomedical Science professor for twelve years.  He has been trading financial markets and commodities for over twenty years.  He co-authored the book "A Trader's Guide to Financial Astrology" along with Larry Pesavento.  

Mr. Smoleny developed the "Fed Juice" that tracks the Federal Reserve's daily activities and the impact on financial markets.  The "Fed Juice" touches every commodity market in some way.    On March 20, 2020,  Mr. Smoleny made a bold prediction that the stock markets and the economy would make a complete recovery right at the market lows of COVID.  This "Fed Juice" tracked the full market recovery through 2020 back to new highs.  

Mr. Smoleny is the President of Wolf Trader Futures.  Each month Wolf Trader Futures releases five financial newsletters covering the S&P, Metals, Energy, Currencies, and Cryptocurrencies.  The newsletters cover long-term cycles, medium-term cycles, and the daily Fed Juice.  In addition to the newsletter, Mr. Smoleny runs his Platinum daily swing trading service, covering over ten symbols ranging from ETFs to Futures.   The Gold Fast Fed 2.9 Trading System now available for retail account auto-trading. Results are available upon request.  


Welcome to Wolf Trader Futures


We Help you Make Sense of Financial Markets

Through The Fed Juice ®

What is Wolf Trader Futures:
Wolf Trader Futures is a market newsletter that gives a different perspective than you will see anywhere else online. All technical indicators and market analysis tools are written from scratch by us. It is challenging to get good results in markets if you do the same technical analysis that everyone else is doing. So, we build everything from the ground up to be original and our thoughts and actions to create better results. We specialize in mechanical trading systems that are fine-tuned and optimized using a proprietary software algorithm.  We believe it's essential to look at multiple market levels from Top-Down to establish a proper "Command and Control" from weekly down to the daily time frames. We look at the longer-term trends through Fed Juice. We look at the medium-term trends through the Double-Optimized Lunar Cycle. Finally, we look at the day-to-day movements through the Polar R-Squared High probability trader. The three of these systems allow us to establish a proper command and control over the markets to understand what is happening from top to bottom.

The Fed Juice:

Wolf Trader Futures is a unique market newsletter that tracks the Federal Reserve's activities and direct influence on the market through the proprietary "Fed Juice ®."  Wolf Trader Futures is also the only market service that uses the Double Optimized Lunar Signal to track the movement of each market through a combination of

optimization algorithms.   The Fed Juice is s Neural Network Forecast Model that balances the Fed with the Markets. More Juice Markets Rise. Less Juice Markets Fall.  In addition to the S&P 500 the Fed Juice can track multiple financial markets.

The Double Optimized Lunar Cycle:
The Double Optimized Lunar Cycle combines the best of both worlds.  It optimizes the past and uses a custom walk forward analysis to forecast the future.  Most cycle forecast services only look at the history.  Looking only at the past is unreliable as past cycles may not continue to work.


Services Provided:
Wolf Trader Futures provides 8 Subscription Services

● S&P 500 Newsletter
● Metals Newsletter
● Energy Newsletter
● Currencies Newsletter
● Cryptocurrencies Newsletter
● Uranian Astrology Newsletter​

● Stock ETF Daily Service
● Gold Service (All Newsletters)
● Platinum Service (Gold Service Plus Trading Service)

What Comes With the Newsletter Service?
Each newsletter service comes with a monthly newsletter that is available for download in the member's area of the chart.  There is also a daily market update posted in the member's area with Fed Juice updates.

What is the Gold Service?
● The Gold Service is a bundle package for those who want access to all newsletters.  It also covers two additional markets: Corn and the 10 Year Bond.  

What is the Platinum Service?
● The Platinum Service is for serious traders.  It includes the Gold package plus a live trading service. 

● Platinum featured trading systems include:

Fed Juice Internals
The Fed Juice Internals is an extreme long-wave model that tracks broad-based Fed activity.  This system only works on the S&P 500.

Fed Juice 3.0 Futures
The Fed Juice 3.0 is a neural network long-wave analysis of the Federal Reserve activity. The Fed Juice 3.0 symbols include Copper, Silver, Gold, Gold Miners, Corn, Natural Gas, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Euro Dollar, Australian Dollar, Bitcoin, 10 Year Bond, and the S&P 500.

Fed Juice Skynet 4.1
The Fed Juice Skynet is a neural network of short and medium wave neural network analysis of the Federal Reserve Activity. This system trades futures. The Fed Juice Skynet symbols include the S&P 500.

Fast Fed 2.9
The Fast Fed 2.9 is a medium-wave trading system. This system trades futures. The trades typically last 3-4 days.  It has challenging targets and stops. The Fast Fed 2.9 symbols currently include Gold, Corn, Natural Gas, Canadian Dollar, Euro, and S&P.


Fed Juice 3.0 Stock/ ETF Portfolio

The Fed Juice 3.0 is a neural network long-wave analysis of the Federal Reserve activity. This system trades a portfolio of 4 symbols and is meant to be treated as a basket. The symbols include Apple (AAPL), Tesla (TSLA), Caterpillar (CAT), Gold Miner (GDX).


Double Optimized Lunar Cycle
The Double Optimized Lunar Cycle is an Astro Indicator that forecasts market movements.  This system is unique in cycle analysis because it relies not just on the past.  It runs through two levels of optimization to ensure a forward-looking walk-forward analysis.  The symbols include Copper, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Corn, Natural Gas, Oil, Heating Oil, Gasoline, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, 10 Year Bond and S&P 500.


Portfolio Trading System

EZ Timer System
The EZ Timer system tracks the S&P on an intraday basis.    These trades are based on specific price patterns for each day of the week.


Did you forecast a complete recovery of the S&P 500 at the COVID lows?

Yes, I did!  When it comes to the S&P, forecasters often have a specific bias, either bearish or bullish.   However, I try and call the markets how I see them, and I'm relatively neutral in my stance. In March of 2020, I saw what the Federal Reserve was doing at the lows of COVID. I made a market call that we were at an important low and that the markets would have a complete recovery period.   I posted this forecast on Twitter, and I also stated this many times on the radio show trade what you see that we would have a full recovery.  So I don't have a bias towards the bullish or bearish sides. I call what I see based upon what the Federal Reserve is doing. The times-stamped tweet Is below.  You can find the tweet at @wolftraderfutu1.



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“Top Notch!  Shane’s work is totally differentiated.  You won’t find anything like it anywhere and it may just be the most useful stuff out there.  Shane is also constantly evolving and constantly adding more value.  I wouldn’t do without his service and I highly recommend it!”

— W.K. from CT

Senior Trader at Major Asset Management Firm. 

*Gold Member for

2 Years.

"Thank you for providing the information!

I have traded markets over the last couple of years with mixed results. Through your service, I have gained an edge.
I appreciate the information you provide and how accurate it is. This information is more accurate than all the back-tested strategies I've seen."

—S.W. from UT

Retail Trader 


*S&P Newsletter Subscriber

—M.B. from UK

Retail Trader 

*Metals Newsletter Subscriber

"Many thanks Shane for providing the metals newsletter! I have traded the markets over the last 4 years with mixed to good results.  However, through your service, I have gained an edge in metals and Gold.  I appreciate the information your provide and how accurate it is, using the closing bell signals and cycles has really sharpened my trades. The strategies are so accurate I more than recoup my monthly subscription. Highly recommended.

"Hi Shane, I'm a little late with the "thanks". I very much appreciate the "Bonus Efficiency Test" info received yesterday.  Short positions on GBP/JPY worked very well with this [info] this morning.

—R.P. from NY

Retail Trader 

*Currency Newsletter Subscriber

"Truly groundbreaking analysis! Shane's work offers a non-linear perspective on market trends that is not found anywhere else in the realm of financial decision making.  His daily research and analysis adds an additional layer to the traditional micro- and macro- decision making process.  Additionally,

Shane's "Fed Juice" analysis is unsurpassed. I highly recommend this service."

— C.S. from FL

Registered CPO, CTA

*Gold Member for

8 Years.


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Trading commodity futures involves a substantial risk of loss.  Past performances are not necessarily indicative of future results. Services include products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses. The products may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.  Wolf Trader Futures is an educational service that this designed to be a supplement to the book “A Trader’s Guide to Financial Astrology” by Larry Pesavento and Shane Smoleny.  Wolf Trader Futures is separate from Mr. Smoleny’s firm Trading Ridge Analytics, LLC.  The information and strategies presented in Wolf Trader Futures are completely independent of any strategies or operations employed by Trading Ridge Analytics, LLC.  The data used in the creation of astrological/planetary data, charts and cycles is public information that is already reflected in the underlying futures price.