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Auto-Trading is Now Available for Specific Symbols. 

What is Auto-trading?

Auto-Trading allows you to trade a futures trading system that is controlled "automatically" for you.  The process is completely transparent and you will be able to monitor your account.

What system and markets are used?

Currently, we are trading the Fast Fed 2.9 model.   The Fast Fed 2.9 is a fully optimized mechanical trading model.  The best symbol we have for the Fast Fed 2.9 is Gold.  Gold on the Fast Fed 2.9 model has shown the most consistent steady profits across time.  Our goal is to have a steady, low volatility climb across time.

Will there be more systems and symbols added across time?
Yes, we anticipate adding more systems and symbols eventually.  So additional markets may include S&P, Natural Gas, Euro, and the Canadian Dollar.

What is the risk profile?

There are very strict risk controls in the form of stops on each trade.  Since the futures markets trade all through the night the stops can be executed at any hour of the night.  This reduces the risk of an overnight gap down in markets.

What is the recommended amount?

The recommended amount for auto-trading is $20,000 per micro contract.  You do not have to trade this amount.  However, this amount will keep the drawdowns per trade between 1-2% of the total account value.

How do the auto-trading fees work?

The Wolf Trader auto-trading works on a subscription-based model.  There is a fixed cost paid per contract or per micro contract.  So the costs scale up the more contracts that you trade per month and scale down the fewer contracts, you trade each month.  There are also commission fees paid to the broker to execute the buy and sell orders on the account.

Upon opening the account mention that you wish to auto-trade with Wolf Trader Futures and specifically the Gold Fast Fed 2.9 trading model.

Trading commodity futures involves substantial risk of loss.  Past performances are not necessarily indicative of future results. Services include products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses. The products may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.  Wolf Trader Futures is an educational service that this designed to be a supplement to the book "A Trader's Guide to Financial Astrology" by Larry Pesavento and Shane Smoleny.  Wolf Trader Futures is separate from Mr. Smoleny's firm Trading Ridge Analytics, LLC.  The information and strategies presented in Wolf Trader Futures are entirely independent of any strategy or operations employed by Trading Ridge Analytics, LLC.  The data used in the creation of astrological/planetary data, charts, and cycles are public information that is already reflected in the underlying futures price.